Dave • Potter

Dave demo’ing and teaching on the power of restoring ruined vessels.

I create functional pottery, with materials both new and recycled. Nothing is wasted, especially from what is discarded or stripped away. Broken forms are gathered up. Mistakes are reclaimed. New life emerges from mud and mire on a journey toward restoration. I don’t just make pots. I reflect in what I create, the one who created me. 

“Suffering ceases to be suffering when it finds meaning.

The mental health benefits of working with clay allow me to provide a refuge and safe place for participants to increase mindfulness, regulate emotion, ground themselves, and experience new, positive body/mind connections. I use mid-fire, stoneware clay fired to cone 6 (for those curious types!). I’ve had the privilege of coaching weekly ceramic courses to over 50 students each year, offer private instruction, and lead pro-bono workshops with schools, adults and refugee groups.


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